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SPG STEINER GmbH, Philippe Steiner, signed with PetroScope, Mohamed Fawky, the Representative Agreement for Egypt

SPG Steiner GmbH is a German based family owned company with history of over 300 years and is committed with its business units to providing client orientated engineering solutions and supply of high quality special turn key components for the petroleum, chemical, petrochemical industries worldwide.
A total team of 160 knowledgeable and innovative specialists are covering all engineering disciplines: Process; Mechanical; Rotating; Piping; Electrical; Instruments and 3 D Modelling.

Through its own modern fabrication facility (5.000m²), located in Siegen Germany, the specialists have hand-on experience for practical realization and operation of complex systems serving the oil and gas industry.


It is our pleasure to announce our cooperation with the world market leader CANUSA-CPS

Since 1966, Shawcor company Canusa-CPS has been a global leading developer and manufacturer of specialty pipeline coatings for the sealing and corrosion protection of pipeline joints and other substrates. Engineered for high-quality applications in even the toughest environments, Canusa-CPS high-performance coatings protect against a range of challenges, including corrosion, extreme temperatures, mechanical damage and more. To ensure consistent, safe and efficient performance in these increasingly extreme environments, Canusa-CPS offers a complete range of field-applied coatings and services compatible with any mainline pipe coating.


Petroscope is honored to announce our new partnership with BBV Tech that will strengthen our presence in the Egyptian market.

Effective August 9, 2020, Petroscope is honored to announce our new partnership with BBV Tech that will strengthen our presence in the Egyptian market.
Over twenty years of experience acquired in the production of non-metallic expansion joints has enabled BBV Tech to become the leader in its field.
Constant updating of the computer network, investment in specialized equipment for the machining of materials, and continual technological research have enabled BBV Tech to present itself in the market with a wide range of increasingly safe and ecologically sound product
BBV Tech. Provides local access to innovative, high quality products; including: Engineering and Services, Fabric Expansion Joint, Rubber Expansion Joint, Metallic Expansion Joint, Antiseismic and Soundproofing, and other products.


Petroscope on behalf of Fitch signs a cooperation agreement with Petromaint

"التكنولوجيا وترشيد استهلاك الطاقة"
تقدم شركة Fitch الامريكية تكنولوجيا حديثة Fitch fuel catalyst والذي يساعد على تقليل إستهلاك الوقود المستخدم عن طريق تحسين الكفاءة وتحسين القيمة الحرارية.
وفي إطار التعاون المثمر بين الشركات، وجهود شركة بترومنت المستمرة وبخطوات واثقة نحو التوسع واستخدام أفضل الأساليب الحديثة لخدمة قطاع البترول المصرى، واستخدام التكنولوجيا من اجل ترشيد استهلاك الطاقة، وقعت شركة بترومنت مذكرة تفاهم وبروتوكول تعاون مشترك مع شركة بتروسكوب الوكيل الوحيد لشركة Fitch فى مصر.
قام بالتوقيع على الاتفاقية الدكتور المهندس/ نائل درويش رئيس مجلس الادارة والعضو المنتدب لشركة بترومنت.
والسيد المهندس / محمد فوقى - رئيس مجلس ادارة شركة بتروسكوب.
"بترومنت دائما الى الامام في خدمة قطاع البترول المصري"